What We Believe


Being the presence of Christ, serving a world in need.

Mission Statement

The church body will carry out the great commission through global missions in which all people can participate. We will embrace all Christians who choose to help build God’s kingdom by focusing on our common interests as Christians rather than trying to pursue areas that lead to division and separation within the body. We trust God’s people with the gospel and encourage participation in the ministries by all lay members. We proclaim the good news of God’s redeeming love to the world and strive to be about his work with a spirit of love and compassion.


Baptism – Baptism through immersion is recommended as following Christ’s symbolic teaching of remission of sin and a new life in Christ.
The Lord’s Supper – We believe that communion is open to all Christians. It is the Lord’s table and not our own. We trust the individual believer and recognize their sovereignty before the Lord.

Statement of Faith

The Baptist Faith and Message is generally accepted as the statement of faith for the church in that this body embraces the founding Baptist principles as listed below.

  • Jesus Christ is the embodiment of God’s revelation and grace to man.
  • The authority of scripture – The Bible is the inspired word of God and all are free and encouraged to examine, study and interpret it as led by the Holy Spirit. We trust our members with the scripture and encourage sincere examination of God’s revelation to man.
  • Priesthood of the Believer – All believers are viewed as having individual competency before God in matters of genuine religion and are not subservient to any earthly authority with respect to personal faith.
  • Autonomy of the Local Church – Our local church declares itself as an independent sovereign entity which is self-governed. The Church identifies with denominational organizations of like mind. The church contributes to these ministries but does not recognize any persons or organizations as having control or authority over the local body.
  • Separation of Church and State – This body adheres to the historical position Baptists have traditionally held concerning religious liberty and the relationship between religion and government. Diversity of political and religious views and freedom to express these are heralded as strengths within our fellowship. An acceptance and openness to differences of opinion are viewed as a healthy sign of a vibrant and dynamic congregation. Efforts to inhibit honest dialog or any required expressions of mandatory doctrine are viewed as contrary to historical Baptist perspectives. A dogmatic attitude concerning these issues is viewed as unchristian and will be discouraged within the church.
  • Democratic Governing Body – The governance of the church body will adhere to the democratic principle of majority rule with all members having an equal vote. Specific guidelines are listed in the Section on By Laws.
  • Unity with Diversity – The church body recognizes the fact that God’s people are a diverse group. We respect these differences and celebrate our uniqueness before God and do not wish to impose uniformity upon our members. The church will strive to encourage all members to be tolerant of others and to be an inclusive body of believers. The church will accept all sinners as Christ accepts us. The church body recognizes and affirms all God’s children as being the object of salvation and forgiveness. All members are viewed as equal without regard to race, gender, social status, or national origin.

Church Covenant

As believers in the Lord Jesus Christ as our Savior we enter into this covenant with one another and with our Lord and Redeemer.

We strive to minister to the world, through the power of the Holy Spirit, by loving others as Christ loves us. We dedicate ourselves to practicing Christ’s teachings and encourage all members to share their bounty and blessings with all who are in need. We advocate the practice of treating our bodies as the temple of the Lord and discourage any spiritual manifestation not consistent with advancing the cause of Christ and the Kingdom of God. As a guide to this end, I Corinthians 13 reflects our commitment to the application of Christ’s love in our lives and relationships with others.

We will work to encourage, nurture and minister to all church members so as to build, support and cultivate a climate of love and acceptance. We will work to spread the good news of Christ’s redemptive love in a hurting and sinful world.

We are Baptists affiliated with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and are part of the CBF Kentucky chapter. The CBF understanding of Baptist faith and practice is expressed by an emphasis on freedom in biblical interpretation and congregational governance, the participation of women and men in all aspects of church leadership and Christian ministry, and religious liberty for all people.