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  • Excuses, Excuses!

    Around the year 628 B.C. God called on Jeremiah, a young man from a priestly family to be a prophet. The mantle of priesthood was generally passed from father to […]

  • Theology of a Big Toe

    Many years ago, Kenny Rogers of the Texas Rangers baseball team had just pitched the 12th perfect game in the history of Major League Baseball. This means that the opposing […]

  • What color is God’s Skin?

    Note: The writer of this blog article is Adell Martin a mother, grandmother,  member-deacon of Community Baptist Church, a retired Army Chaplains wife and retired administrative assistant. This article is […]

  • Water to Wine

    Have you ever prayed for a miracle? I’m not necessarily talking about a big miracle like the healing of a family member on the brink of death. I’m talking about […]

  • I Pray Because…

    Note: The writer of this blog article is Rev. Mary Wrye. She the Chaplain at Methodist Hospital a 200+ bed hospital facility in Henderson KY.   She also is a member, […]

  • Funny Baptism Video

    Did you enjoy the funny video in Church today? Share it with your friends! [tentblogger-youtube l81eXKW1bQI] Listen to this Sunday’s Worship online. Pastor Tim’s Blog “Washing Away the Junk” about […]

  • Warm Inside

    It is cold outside this morning….but the fellowship is certain to be warm inside Community Baptist Church.  Come celebrate with us the Baptism of Christ and witness the Baptism of […]

  • Washing Away the Junk

    I heard a story about a man tucking his six-year-old son, Chris into bed one night. The father tapped his son’s chest and asked, “Do you know what you have […]

  • eNews for January 7, 2010

    This coming Sunday:  Baptism Sunday! Pastor Tim’s Message:  “Baptism means we are God’s Child” Baptism is our entrance into Christ’s family Baptism offers us the opportunity for a new life […]