Faith Comes by Hearing

I want to let you know about an exciting opportunity that we at Community Baptist Church are going to take advantage of in just a couple of weeks. It’s called, “You’ve Got the Time: A Journey of Biblical Faithfulness.”

The Bible has traditionally been very important to Baptist life. In fact, many Baptists like to call ourselves “The People of the Book.” But if we are honest with ourselves, many of us would have to admit that time constraints on our lives prohibit us from reading the Bible as we should. Here is a great opportunity to listen to the entire New Testament in 40 days by spending only 28 minutes a day.

We, along with many other congregations are using the season of Lent, which begins on February 17, 2010 to listen to the entire New Testament. Through a grant given to the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF), they will provide an audio MP3 disc with the entire New Testament on it to every person in our church free of charge. Even the children will receive a Kidz Bible with Bible stories and songs.

An MP3 disc looks like a CD, but it holds much more information. You can play your MP3 on most computers. Most DVD players will play MP3’s, and some gaming systems connected to your TV will also play MP3’s. Some of your newer CD players will play MP3’s, or you can load it onto your computer and then onto your Ipod or many mobile devices.

Additionally, we are going to set up “Listening Times” at Community Baptist at 7:00 a.m., 12:00 noon, and 4:00 p.m. each weekday, so that you can come into our building at one of these times and walk our track to get some exercise, or simply sit and listen as the Bible is spoken.

CBF is partnering with an organization called Faith Comes By Hearing to provide these MP3’s. Their true mission is to provide an oral version of the Bible to the millions of people across the world who may not have a written language or who cannot read. As a part of this program, we will take a love offering on February 7th and 14th to support their mission efforts. You will also receive your MP3’s on those dates.

I am truly looking forward to sharing this experience with you. It is a remarkable opportunity for us to explore the Bible in a new way.

Listening for God’s voice with you,

Tim Hobbs, Pastor

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