CBC Hoops and Cheers

Our new basketball league is CBC HOOPCheerS & CHEERSHoops 

Each participant will get a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. Each basketball team will get a color designated for that team. The cheerleaders t-shirts will be tie-dye so they can cheer for all the teams as well as a set of pompoms. The coaches will get a long sleeved t-shirt matching their team color. We have priced all that out and can fund the season for $35 per participant.

Our season begins with registrations in August as school starts, practices begin on September 27 & 29 with the games beginning October 15. The games will run six straight Saturdays and finish on November 19. The “Awards Night” activities will be moved to the last Saturday of the season. Details will be coming soon.  Watch our website or visit Community Baptist Church on Facebook for further details