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  • Another Fish Tale

    I grew up with a fellow named Tom, who was quite a fisherman. To hear him talk you would think he had caught more than his share of whoppers. But […]

  • Tears on Palm Sunday

    One would think that the first Palm Sunday would have been one of the happiest days in Jesus’ life. The crowds were surrounding him and welcoming him into the city. […]

  • Focus!

    Jay Leno says that he went into McDonald’s one day and said, “I’d like some fries,” and he vows and declares that the girl behind the counter asked, “Would you […]

  • Down But Not Out!

    The story is told of Mark Twain taking a long train trip but he didn’t want to carry his briefcase with him. So, he asked a baggage  handler if he […]

  • Listen!

    Have you ever been in a public place and found yourself eavesdropping on someone else’s conversation? Perhaps it was in the mall, or in a restaurant, or standing in the […]

  • Excuses, Excuses!

    Around the year 628 B.C. God called on Jeremiah, a young man from a priestly family to be a prophet. The mantle of priesthood was generally passed from father to […]

  • Theology of a Big Toe

    Many years ago, Kenny Rogers of the Texas Rangers baseball team had just pitched the 12th perfect game in the history of Major League Baseball. This means that the opposing […]