The Sacrificial Widow

WidowsMite[1]The Scriptures tell us that it was mostly the common working person who followed Jesus. And the reason why is because they knew that he was one of them. He himself had been a carpenter, which enabled him to make a living, but was not a lucrative position. Jesus associated with the common folks of his time. As a matter of fact, Jesus was turned off by people who puffed themselves up and who were impressed with their own importance. He disliked people who sought to do things in a grandiose way so that they might win the praise of others. And he despised hypocrites who paraded their piety, spoke in stained glass tones, and who prayed long prayers so people might be impressed with their impassioned pleas.
Jesus much preferred people like the poor widow who came to the treasury to give her gift to God. Many of the pious rich would make a big show out of putting their money into the offering. They wanted people to be aware of their charity. So they would use large coins that would make an impressive clanging noise as it fell into the box and impress everyone who heard it.
But this poor widow quietly placed two tiny coins, now known as the widow’s mite, which was an offering of only about one penny. I’ll bet nobody else even noticed this offering. But Jesus noticed. Jesus notices things like that. Then he called his disciples together and said, “That widow put more money into the treasury than anybody else, because they shared out of their abundance, but she gave all she had.” Jesus was always thrilled when he witnessed authentic faith and love for God. And there was no doubt that this poor widow loved God. She gave, not a small slice of her abundance. She gave all that she had. In other words, she gave sacrificially. I can’t help but to wonder, how many of us today could say the same?
Join us at Community Baptist Church this Sunday at 10:45 a.m as we focus on this remarkable woman’s sacrificial giving.   1026 Pebble Creek Dr.  Henderson, KY 42420.  (270) 830-9057.
Tim Hobbs, Pastor

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