What color is God’s Skin?

Adell Martin Note: The writer of this blog article is Adell Martin a mother, grandmother,  member-deacon of Community Baptist Church, a retired Army Chaplains wife and retired administrative assistant. This article is the transcript of her children’s moment presentation during worship January 17, 2010.  We post this today as a part of the celebration of the life of activist Martin Luther King Jr. 

Do you ever ask your parent’s questions that are hard to answer?  (speaking to children)

Mr. Jerry and I have three children, two boys and one girl ( a son in Maryland, a son in Ohio and a daughter in Connecticut. Our son Greg was the one who could always ask “hard” questions when he was a little boy.

Here’s an example:

Goodnight I said to my little son, he was so tired out when the day was done, And he said to me as I tucked him in—"Tell me Mommy, what color’s God’s skin?"  What color is God’s skin? What color is God’s skin? I said it’s black, brown, it’s yellow, it is red, it is white. Everyone’s the same in the good Lord’s sight!

The Apostle Paul tells us in the book of Galatians, that “we are all one in Christ.” That’s what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., told us when he was alive, and we celebrate his birthday tomorrow (January 18, 2010). Our son, Greg, was born the year he died.

Mr. Jerry (Martin) and I tried to teach our children that God loves all people the same. No one is “better” or “loved more” than anyone else for any reason. We taught them to be decent and to be fair.

When we lived. In Germany and Greg were about 4 years old, we had African American neighbors who had very dark, beautiful skin; Greg played with their daughter, Jessica, and they had great fun. I was so worried that he might say something about Jessica’s skin color. One day he came running to me laughing so hard, and said “Mommy, isn’t it so funny that Jessica’s family has a black car, their last name is White, and they have a brown dog.” Wow, I was relieved, and so pleased and thankful. Greg got a super big hug from me that day.

Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world. Every color, every race, all are covered by His grace, Jesus loves the little children of the world.

I’m so very happy to be a member of Community Baptist Church  where ALL PEOPLE are welcome to worship and serve.

My very favorite song, sung by Louis Armstrong, has a line that says:

“The colors of the rainbow-so pretty in the sky-are also on the faces, of people passing by-I see friends shaking hands, saying “how do you do?”  They’re really saying, “I love You!”

And I do love all of you—and God loves you too!

Will you please help me tell everyone to Love the skin your in–and that God loves us just the way God made us!

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